Thursday, March 31, 2016

How to attract viewers to your blog?

#1 Improve the way you write 

In order to attract viewers to read your blog, I think it's fairly important to have a good content that people want to read about. Interesting and eye-catching content along with good grammar skills and writing skills. I am not a good writer but I strive to improve and learn along my blogging journey. I started out having lots of issues with the way I blog and I am just so lost with no idea what to write about and tend to get mind block but after quite some time words just seems to flow so much easier than before. 

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#2 Find A Voice In This Blogging Industry 
Try to find a voice, also known as something unique that represent you that makes you different from another person in this industry which can be really important. Blogging is a competitive industry, it's on social media so it's so easy for people to imitate or be similar to another bloggers so the key here is to find your own voice, be proud of who you are and love yourself. 

You should never try to be someone else because you are unique in your own way.

#3 A clear layout 

Having a clear layout which define your blog, it's like a first-impression kind of thing that either make your viewer interested in your blog or not. As for me , I will personally spend more time reading blog that have beautiful layout that attract me rather than one that's messy and doesn't seems to appeal much.

#4 Engage with your viewers 

This is so so important, a blogger that engage with his/her readers is just basically wonderful. It makes the viewers feel more connected with you, it's like sharing a same interest and by having a good two way communication it will make the viewer feel more at ease and want to come back to your blog to read more. 

That's all for my tips, it's definetely the late night blogging (12:54am) that caused me to write something so different from what I usually wrote. x Goodnight you lovely people that have always been here all along x 


  1. These are great tips Birdie! Thanks for sharing them! I definitely think writing a good content is the most useful!

  2. These tips are great and will be so helpful for anyone who is serious about blogging! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Having a clear layout is essential to keeping people browsing your blog, I agree! I like number 1 especially because ultimately... content is king! :)

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  5. I'm loving all these tips hun- you are spot on! I think having a unique voice is especially important

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  6. Your ideas are so great and have worked for me.

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  7. This is for sure helpful. Thanks for sharing.
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  8. I always love to engage with my viewers
    In that way i will know them better
    Great tips.

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  9. This is very inspiring Birdie. I do need to strive more.

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  10. These are some great tips, thanks for sharing

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  12. Thanks for the tips, i'm starting a new blog and this definitely helps <3

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