Monday, April 4, 2016

Birdie's March Magazine Favorites

Hello guys, this is the end of March and the start of April so I'm back with another magazine section featuring what's my favourite during the month of March! So let's get started: 

Beauty Blender! I know I'm like super late into the trend but I just started using it after experimenting with sponges, puffs and my own hands to apply the make up then I came across a really cheap beauty blender which I gotten from the Japanese store at $2.90 each and I have been loving it so much , it just make the make up so smooth and light. 

Next item: 3CE Eyeshadow (Street Lamp) 
I absolutely adore this eyeshadow, it's in this shimmery white shades that seems to have little pearls in them. I mostly used it on my under-eyes and on the corner of my eyes to brighten up my eyes, it's long lasting and I'm just so loving this eyeshadow. 

March favorite food! The super ultra big milkshake with so many different toppings on it, it's called the old school milkshake, it comes with red velvet cake (yeah you read that right, that's a cake in my drink) , candy floss, small biscuits, Nutella, rainbow sprinkles and ice cream cone. 

It's a super cheat day, the drink costs about $18.90. Can't finish it by myself, I have gotta share it with a friend. 

Another trip to the superhero cafĂ©, tried out their tiramisu with green tea. Super ultra good, even though I'm not a big fans of coffee but this tiramisu is super fluffy and tasted not bad. The cute design allow it to make it up to the favorite list~ since it remind me of the marvels movie: SuperMan VS BatMan. 

Favorite outfit of the month will be this cute little white dress, it's just so doll like and casual which represent the spring so much that I just absolutely adore it and rank it #1 among the rest of my outfits. 

Another favorite will be the trip that I had this month, when I flew off to ChiangMai x Bangkok for 5 days. It was so amazingly chill and I just the traveling vibes, it made me feel refresh and free again. 

It's also the trip that saved me from going blind and allow me to bond more with my family ❤️

That's all for my March's Favorite! Hope you guys enjoy reading it, thank you for reading! Let me know in the comment below what's your favorite of the month and what do you think ? 


  1. very very nice pics darling!xoxo

  2. Omg that milkshake looks delicious! Lovely post <3
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  3. Love the post and the eyeshadow looks great for everyday!

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  4. nice post! the teddybear is so cute
    have a great day!

  5. Nice post, really love your review for the trip to Chiangmai <3

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