Sunday, October 9, 2016

Klarity : Lasertox CC Miracle White Lotion

This is definetely my holy-grail, I have been loving this Klarity Lasertox CC Lotion that I received a week ago and absolutely can't stop using it now. It instantly helps to brighten up my skin, it also can be use on the body as well to even out the uneven skin tones and it also not only consist of sunscreen but it's waterproof as well which is literally perfection in one bottle. 

It's known as Lasertox as it helps to target treatment a specific areas of concern by adapting the laser technique to penetrate the skin dermis layer. It's literally like beauty from within! 

I used this product on a daily basis now, it's my holy grail for any kind of days! Personally, I love to protect my skin from the sun so I am always trying to find products that can whiten while having SPF, usually it's already very hard to find such product but waterproof as well? It's a miracle. I actually tested it in rainy weather since Singapore had a few downpour few days back and by chance I were wearing the CC Lotion on my body and it literally stayed on despite the weather changes. 

Applying the CC Lasertox Lotion 

You can see that it's really smooth and helps to whiten! I absolutely love the product smell as well, it's a very sweet and refreshing smell that can act as a body lotion as well. So with this product, I can smell fresh and brighten up my skin. That's all for my reviews for Klarity Lasertox CC Miracle White Lotion, I hope that you guys will find this useful. For more information, do visit their instagram: @klaritysg or their website: KlaritySG or even on the Singapore Sephora page as well! 

Have a lovely day ahead of you. x 

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