Tuesday, October 11, 2016


I used to think there must be something wrong with me if someone doesn't like me, I will think back of all the times we almost had a chance and thought of how I screwed it up with the way I speak, act and feel around the person. But then, suddenly everything click and I realized that we are not responsible if the someone doesn't return the same feeling as us. Why sit around the whole day, interpreting texts that you receive from them, why keep replaying the same scenarios that you had with them when it might just be nothing to them. This is a sign of lack of self-love. 

We should be braver than that, we should look into the mirror and love yourself a little bit more. We are not responsible for the feelings for another, if the person doesn't reply your texts then screw the person, it's just one texts and this is a sign to show you that you probably should't even care so much in the first place. Maybe they are busy, they are lost for words, they just doesn't want to reply but whatever the reason is: it is clear, you won't want this kind of people in your life. Why waste your time on someone that doesn't care enough to do something so small. Maybe it's an early sign that you should run the other direction. This show what kind of person they are, their ignorance doesn't reflects who you are. 

Having self-love is to love yourself enough, to be confident enough to really not care and read so much into things. Be the person that depends on yourself, whether others choose to be there or not be there- you can still survive, only then when you have enough self-love then you can attract the right sort of people in your life that truly wants to be part of your life. Love yourself a little more, you can be happier that way. 


  1. Great post! I loved what you said!


  2. This is so beautiful, thank you for these affirming words! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  3. Self love is super important in our loves I read recently when someone treats you bad there is nothing bad with you. There is something bad inside of them. Great post by the way

    Oh very cute style darling!

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    1. Aww I am glad you get what I mean and thank you (: x

  4. Yes we need to be able to love ourselves before we can love others. :)


  5. Self love is so important, thanks for sharing this.
    TGIF! Xo,
    New England Romance

  6. Awh thanks for sharing Birdie. Self love is so important.

    Chanel | Je M'appelle Chanel

  7. Love the look

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