Monday, October 24, 2016


It is probably Autumn in many different parts of the world right now but I am still enjoying my summer right here in Singapore since we don't really have any other seasons other than the current summer that we are having. So I guess that's a good privilege to be able to enjoy summer all year round but I still wanna visit some countries with autumn or winter seasons so I can try out new fashion over there. Like layering fashion with all the thick furs and cute boots and I am here only with my loose boyfriend tees and shorts.  

Under the willow tree! It just seems super hard to get a decent spots to take #ootd nowadays, everywhere just seems the same or the places have been visited so many times before so it become so common. It become increasingly harder to find a better spots, so all my backgrounds are either trees or walls.  

I just wish there are more places for amazing #ootd shoots, definetely gonna go outfits location hunting during this one week of holiday that I am blessed with. Here's to better days ahead of us. Thank you for reading. x 


  1. Loving this casual outfit Birdie

    Emma ♥

  2. Nice outift and cute video!

  3. Hello! Again I am here hehe I love your outfit, these perfect :) your style is super cool and I love it! I expect to see new entry soon !!!! much much many kisses, and when you want here is my blog with new things, I hope to see you there whenever you feel like a big sooo big kiss :)


  4. This photos are so fun and your outfit is great!