Sunday, October 23, 2016

Naked Thoughts

Writing this at 00:00 am, midnight always have this effect on me. I love the quietness in the air when everyone else is asleep while I am the only one being awake and the only sounds that accompany me was the sound of my keyboard while I typed. I should probably start by talking about my outfit in the post since that's the point I started this blog, so I am wearing a simple off-shoulder lace top with pastel blue high waist shorts. I picked this outfit that day because I was going for something simple, on-the-go without any effort and this seems to just go right with what I had in mind. 

Other than my outfit, I recalled why I started this tiny space which is something that I can call my own after I read my diary last night which I started writing in since 2012. I saw how I started building this space, all the excitement and all the things that I have been through. 4 years just passed by with a blink of an eye, I recently picked up writing diary again because it's all those tiny writings at that heat of the moments that was absolutely precious. Recalling back all the memories are really adorable.  

I have seen how I have started my tiny dream of being a blogger on that diary, listing out all the endless possibilities and challenges that I might faced. It is scary that as we grow older, we stop believing in our dream and goals. The dream never once left, we are the one that abandoned the dream in search for short-term happiness. When we were young, everything just seems possible. I used to hate it when someone tell me that I can't but now when someone tell me that I can't, sometimes I ended up believing the fabricated words that were told or worst sometimes I am the one giving it all up because it just seems too hard and too impossible. 

So right now, I am trying and trying to hold my dream close to my heart and despite all the challenges that I might faced I am still gonna do it either way. Last night while I was reading through my diary, it make me reminiscing my younger-self when I am happier, carefree and untamed. Lastly, I wish that after you read this whatever dream you had or am having right now - don't ever give it up! x everything is possible, it just depends on how you are gonna get there.  


  1. Your outfit looks very pretty, and you write beautifully! The off-shoulder lace top looks lovely paired with the pastel blue high waist shorts.
    I also love the positivity you've expressed.
    I'll try hard to hold on to my dreams :D

  2. I love your white bodysuit.

    Emma ♥

  3. This is such a nice post. I agree, we tend to get lost sometimes along the way due to distractions trying to tug us away from what we really dream of having. We just always have to remember that we need to be focused and to just keep believing in ourselves.

    Joyce | Joycentricity

  4. You look so cute and this post is too!