Sunday, November 20, 2016

Birthday Celebration : 19/11

I finally turned 20th! Can't believe time passes by so fast, I celebrated my birthday with my lovely boyfriend that pops by my house in the morning with a bouquet of flowers I love most. I have been wanting to buy this flower for the longest time ever but I didn't know where to get them, I was just so happy when I receive this flower. Definitely the best way to start off my day, so for lunch we went to one of our favorite Korean Restaurant to have Kimchi Jiggae (a.k.a Kimchi Soup) for lunch, it's such a random thing to eat for lunch but I was just craving so much for some nice pot of soup to eat breakfast with. 

After lunch, he bought me to Amara Hotel, Tea Room to enjoy the lovely high-tea! He surprised me with the high-tea set, which looks oh-so-perfect, I just have this thing for high-tea as well. I love how delicately small it's which make it seems so adorable, the best thing is that the high-tea set actually have scones which is my absolute favorite! We didn't managed to finish the high-tea set since we are still feeling pretty full after lunch, but we managed to enjoy our time there with Pink Flamingo Tea. 

After which, we head off to Suntec City area. So we literally spent one hour trying to figure out what to eat, walking from suntec city to raffles place and back to suntec city again. I just have trouble deciding what's best for dinner, we managed to choose to get Japanese Steamboat for dinner! Despite the long queue, it was super delicious and it's literally like cravings satisfied day. 

After we had dinner, it was already 8-9 pm so we head off to Marina Bay Sands to drink some beers with the perfect view. We just seems to be able to talk so much there and everything was just so perfect and magical. Thank you baby for planning this day and getting all the gifts x card which was so wonderful. 

This was the cake my parent bought for me, few days back before my actual birthday! We went out to celebrate it together and it was really fun, the Durian Cake is super yummy and just taste so exotic in a good kind of way! My brother gotten me the Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa and some other stuffs as well for my birthday which was so sweet of him! I also managed to meet up with my friends to celebrate my birthday before the actual day, so it was super fun! 

So that's all for my blog-post today, I hope you guys enjoy reading this! Have a lovely day x 


  1. Your hair looks beautiful in this post :) I hope you had a wonderful celebration!


  2. I love the shade you dyed your hair

    Emma ♥