Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My Brand New Store

Hello! I am so excited to finally break this exciting news to my readers, I recently just launched my own lingerie store: SHOPSHUSH , I have been preparing for about a month or so and getting all the shoots done, selecting the products to be sold and organizing everything. I done everything on the site from scratch, building the website, getting the domain and linking everything. It's absolutely a tedious but fun process, every products that I sold on my site are hand-picked for the best quality and perfect design! SHOPSHUSH currently ship worldwide, so do head over now to enjoy your FREE Normal Mail Shipping while it last. Currently, it specialize in selling a few designs: Plain, Fishy, Elegant and Floral set. 

I will be introducing more products on the site every once or two weeks, every new collection will be unique and different from the last collection. The reason why I started SHOPSHUSH is that I wanna try something different, instead of selling just normal outfits- lingerie can be another way for girls to express beauty as well. A perfect lingerie can change a person mood, it'll make a person more confident in her own skin. Who won't like some cute or sexy pieces to match up with the overall outfit? 

Do give your support to SHOPSHUSH! If you have any inquires about the store, don't be shy to hit up ! Thank you for reading. x