Monday, December 5, 2016

Life Update: Short Hair + Vlogmas

Hey! Hey! I haven't really update you guys about what's happening in my life right now, so I recently snip off a few inches off my hair and I have short hair now or also known as somewhat mid-length hair. I am super thrilled about my decision to do it, I used to contemplate about whether I should or should't do it but I am glad I did it anyway. My hair feels so much lighter, healthier and I can leave home anytime I want even without styling my hair. 

I am still learning the tricks in how to style my hair, it just somehow doesn't seems to goes the way I want sometimes probably I am still not used to styling short hair yet. Ohh, I also forgot to mention that I dyed my hair a few shades lighter as well and I am planning to go a few more shades lighter in a few months time when it fully recovered! 

As many of you guys know, this is the month of Christmas! So I am doing this thing called the "vlogmas" on my Youtube channel, so you basically filmed from DAY 1 - DAY 25 until Christmas of your daily life and the kind of stuff that I engaged in, if you are curious to find out more. You can check out my channel and some of my Vlogmas videos that I have uploaded (below) 

So yeah! I guess that's all for today's update (: will come back with more updates once I finished my term exam. 


  1. Your hair looks beautiful! Your outfit looks pretty, and I love your Vlogmas video series.

  2. Good luck on vlogmas! I'm also doing vlogmas this year which I'm so happy and excited about. The new hair looks so good too!

    Joyce | Joycentricity