Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Som Tam

I had the best dinner of the month over at Som Tam, a modern Thai fusion dining restaurant. It introduced a whole range of new menu for this festive season, adding Japanese, Chinese and Western imprints to the Thai food which make it so special! Furthermore, what's so special about Som Tam is that it's the first ever food operator that have e-commerce platform for customers to make order online over :Som Tam E-commerce , where customers can make priority booking to skip queue at outlet and they can just arrive and have their meal ready in less than 15 minutes! 

Since Som Tam have the 15 minutes policy, which in any situation your order is not served within 15 minutes when you arrive- you get to dine for free in Som Tam the next time round (with same amount purchase/ lesser). It's literally like super cool and I really love their wonderful customer service. 

 I am so excited to share with you guys what I had on that day, read on to find out more.

 In the above photo, I had the Tom Yum "Black" which the soup base is stewed and simmered for 3 hours before adding squid ink to it which make it taste so special, it's literally 2 best thing combine together! Tom Yum x Squid Ink with a whole lot of fresh seafood in it: Squid, Prawn, Mussels (Yum Yum) 

At the side, it's the salted-egg chicken which taste so heavenly! I am in it for anything with salted egg in it, it just taste so yummylicious.

This dish feature the Deep Fried Tom Yum Soft Shell Crab, I am all in it for soft shell crab! It's super crunchy and it's marinated in this unique tom yum seasoning which is a major bonus point for a tom yum lover like me. It's cook perfectly with the right amount of crunch and freshness in it! 

Where are you salmon lovers?! I was totally hyped over the Pan-Seared Salmon Rice Burger, this is the first ever Thailand Restaurant that I can have rice burger x fries and this is the perfect combination since I always like something unique. The salmon is so delicious, it's very healthy and it has this sweet black sauce that drizzled over the salmon which make the flavoring intense. 

King Crab Pasta!!! The pasta is not the gravy type but instead it's doused with Tom Yum seasoning which gives a spicy aftertaste which make me crave for more and this dish is definetely very generous with King crab meat which is definetely worth the price! I absolutely love this dish. 

A round of applause for the Charcoal Toast! This is super insta-worthy with the heavenly salted egg concoction which is serve warm and it adds the right flavoring to the charcoal toasted bread which looks super cool and it taste good as well. It's like fireworks in my mouth when I eat the gelato x toast x salted egg cream- definetely the right combination to put together. 

Som Tam: Orchard Central 181 Orchard Road, #08-13 Singapore (238896) 

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Thank you for reading ! Have a lovely day ahead of you x 


  1. That desert looks amazing!


  2. This restaurant sounds amazing and I love the dessert.

    Emma ♥

  3. This all looks so so good! You have such a lovely blog, keep up the amazing work pretty lady! x