Monday, January 30, 2017

January : Favorite Skin Care Product

As January is drawing to an end, I am here to share with you my current favourite skincare products of Jan 2017! Pampering the skin and keeping it youthful is definitely the best kick-start to the year 2017. Firstly, I absolutely adore the Diamond Glow Overnight Masque Mask- it is suppose to be use as an overnight mask and the mask itself is make of this soft yellow cream and it glides on easily, it has a lovely smell and it just do wonders to my face overnight! It's perfect for me to look radiant and awake despite having to wake up for morning classes the next day.

My next favourite product will be the Immortal Elixir , it's the perfect toner for me to use before I apply my make-up and even as a setting spray after I complete my make-up. It has the right amount of moisturize to keep my make-up going throughout the day and it has cells regenerating purposes which help me repair acne scars.

 The Klarity OxyMud is the best product ever, I will use it to cleanse and pamper my skin after the whole day. It helps me to remove all the residue of my make-up which I didn't remove properly with my make-up remover and ensure that it's cleanse properly and tighten my face! It works as both a mask and cleanser~

Lastly, my favourite is the diamond glow eye Nano-treatment. I apply it right before I sleep to ensure that I stay clear from wrinkles and keep my under eyes protected as well. Thank you for reading, if you are interested - do check out their instagram @klaritysg or their website Klarity SG