Monday, March 13, 2017

Bangkok Trip

The 4 days 3 nights trip to Bangkok was super fun, it's not my first time visiting Thailand but it's nevertheless fun-filled. So on the first day of my travel, I have to woke up at like 5 am to start preparing before heading off to the airport at like 6am (I was hella drained and tired) - so I kind of just doze off in the Royal Silk Lounge Area of Thai Airway, indulging in their sandwich x tea. Then about like 8am , we board the plane and the seat pretty comfy so I fell asleep and only woken up to the smell of food.


The whole airplane ride took about like 2 hours so we landed around 10am (which is 9am , BKK timing) which is pretty fast, we took the limousine service over at the airport to the hotel which took about another hour or so since the traffic can get pretty bad over at Thailand during the day.

After we checked in and stuff, we went over to Siam Paragon Shopping Mall to grab some traditional Thailand lunch and I wanted to get the Tom Yam Soup but it wasn't available so I ended up ordering a fried bee-hoon which taste pretty funny to me. But I didn't took much photos on the first day since I am still pretty drained, so we basically just had a full body massage, get our dinner and finished off the first day.

Day 2:

Day 2 started off pretty well, decked in the off-shoulder floral top from clothingwithlove and we set off to get to the Chatuchak Weekend Market which opens only during the weekend, it's my first time going to the this market and I found that it's easier to get over there by train then taking a cab due to the overwhelming amount of traffic. The Market are filled with lots of local traditional products, clothing, foods and small handicraft items to look at - it's pretty much fun except for the crazy weather which is blazing down on us, it's quite packed as well so it might be hard to move from store to store.

*Saw a cute puppy in one of the store and it's just so adorable.*

If you have low tolerance of hot weather like me, you can opt to buy any juice from the store and bring it around to cool yourself down. We also had our lunch there over at a nice restaurant which I don't remember the name but the service there is pretty good and the food are so amazing, it's a quite popular store so it's very easy to find.

Afterwards, we went to the Vanilla Spa over at another location away from Chatuchak. This is like a Japanese x Thailand Massage area, that look hella adorable - I thought it was a café at first glance and everything there is just so beautiful. This is by far the best massage over at Thailand, not just because of the good interior designs but also the massage technique! Vanilla Spa also offer free tea and drinks for their customers as well~

At night, we went to the Asiatique The RiverFront - it kind of seems like Clarke Quay (Singapore) with lots of bars and restaurant. We had our dinner over at the Joe Louis The Art of Thai Cuisine and Thai Puppet Theatre, it's like a restaurant with puppet show. The food is consider to be quite high-end in Bangkok but the food quality is not really good, I don't really like the food there and one of the dish is even uncooked. I ordered the Cocktail over there and it taste like what I would have in a club, like the vodka content in the drink is so high that I can taste it more than the juice that they're putting in.

Afterwards, we went to look around more and had supper over at a Japanese Restaurant around the areas as well and it taste so much better and at that point in time I had a tiny jaw facture from one of my previous massage so I couldn't eat well so it's pretty disheartening.

Day 3:

Day 3 started off with exploring all their shopping centre and finding all the pretty cafes to have different taste to their mango sticky rice, we also had massage today over at a Health and Spa centre where the massage is based on using Tiger Balm to relax the feet and stuff, it was a cooling x hot experience since too much tiger balm can be burning hot if it's not used correctly. At night, we went over to the River Front to have a 2 hour cruise dinner on board of the White Orchid Cruise. So the cruise will bring us around the whole river area , to look at the amazing building and structure and we get to pass by and under one of their beautiful bridge.

So that sums up my day 3 journey, on the last day we had to leave the hotel at about 1pm then we checked in and get ready to jet back to Singapore- it's a pretty short but fun trip.

I watched "The Girl On The Train" during my flight and it was the most exciting movie ever, had my dinner over at the in-flight meal service and I guess that's all for my trip! x

Thank you for reading (: x have a lovely day ahead of you.


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  2. looks so nice!

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  3. You're so lucky you get to travel so often!

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