Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Favourite Of The Month March

It has been awhile since I last blogged about my favourite of the month, so I decided to pick out some of my favourites from StyleWe and JustFashionNow to share it with you guys!

Firstly, StyleWe has an extensive collection of beautiful bikinis! One of the bikinis that has caught my eyes is this Navy Blue High Rise Strapped Applique Bikini, the navy colour is so beautiful and I just love how vintage it looks! It comes in different sizes and the price is just super affordable, you can find out more about these over at : Sexy High Waisted Bikini .

Another thing that caught my eyes would be this Black Breathable Polyester Bottom , this is super chic and I think it would be a great addition to my closet for work-out days. It seems super comfortable and would be perfect to wear for my work-out session. Get yours at : Black Breathable Polyester Bottom

The next item that I really love will be this lovely pair of Sports Bra, the design is super adorable and spice up the usual normal sports bra with their criss-cross design which look super cute and I'd just love to add it to my collection. Find out more at : Black Cotton Breathable Sports Bra

Next, what is a tunic top at "" has a wide varieties of clothing available as well. Going at an affordable pricing, I adore their tanks-top collection which comes in different colours and size, all of them are price at a good rate and definitely worth the steal!

Other than that, it also consist of amazing range of off-shoulder top which is super adorable. It's definitely still trendy in the market right now, it comes in the casual style or even the chic or bohemian style. Do find out more over at : buy

Another favourite of the month will be the HairStyling Tip Page over at StyleWe , it's super comprehensive and it definitely give me more knowledge about my hair and these time round it's about Clarifying Shampoo , it's an interesting topic about the different types of shampoo and how it affects my hair quality. Find out more at : ”what is clarifying shampoo"

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