Friday, March 3, 2017

Princess Pinky Gemini Series - Beautiful Eyes

PinkyParadise recently launched a new series consisting of the Day and Night Series, which makes contact lens more interesting. The Day series brings out a more natural looking-traits whereas the Night Series which brings out the party side of you! I gotten the Gemini Day Blue Series, it's literally the prettiest colour ever. The colour is so bright and beautiful, this series of contact lens comes in monthly series (30 days). Personally, I adore the Day series more since I am more into the natural-looking make-up and feel so it suits me better but if I am going for a night out, I'd prefer the Night Series.  

This series of lens only cost $11.90 which is a super affordable price for contact lens. It comes in a varieties of colours : Grey, Brown, Green and Blue. All of them are so attractive, the lens is super comfortable as well. Here are some of the photos I gotten from Pinky Paradise, of their Day Blue Lens since I couldn't take a clear-close up photos of it.

You can find out more at : Princess Pinky Gemini Day Blue

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