Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March: Picnic

Spring is finally here! The best kind of weather to enjoy the weekend and chill under the amazing brisk with families or friends, personally I love to spend quality time with people so the best activity to do would be to picnic because it involved food, drinks and some lovely chit-chat. Packing the perfect picnic basket might be a headache for some people like me that doesn't really plan well or doesn't know what to bring along and stuff, fret not! I recently discovered LovePicnics : which consist of huge selection of picnics baskets and accessories to make picnics easier for people.

What caught my eyes while browsing through LovePicnics , will be this Wicker Picnic Baskets , that come in 3 different type which is firstly the : Traditional Two Lids Picnic by Basic House:

this baskets costs under £20 which is super affordable but it looks super classy. The baskets is as big as 40cm x 29 cm x 39 cm which has plenty of room for picnics goodies, it's of lightweight and durable for use. Definitely recommended for camping, festivals and picnics.

Next, LEKEEZ Picnic Basket costs around £20 for a 2 person baskets which include a dining set with ceramic plates & mugs, cutlery with plastic handles, wine opener, salt and pepper shaker for 2 persons available in 3 different shades: Honey/ Natural/ Walnut in faux leather material. This is definitely a great bargain for all the goodies that you can get out of it!

Andrew James 2 Person Premium Traditional Wicker Picnic Hamper

This amazing picnic hamper is available for under £30, it's worth the price and this basket is the ideal one for family day out because it comes with ceramic plates, stainless steel cutlery, real-glass wine glasses, wine cooler bag x 2 year manufacturer's warranty. The beautiful basket has plenty of space for food x drinks items x other accessories, it's worth to pay a little more for elegant basket that offer enough space!

Other than the Wicker Picnic Baskets , LovelyPicnic also offer lots of other amazing products to complement the picnic trips as well like the picnic rugs that's very much needed during picnic, picnic bags to store your picnic foods and drinks and even gift baskets to gift to your families or friends. The perfect one-stop store for picnics lover out there, so do check out their website for more!

Thank you for reading, have a lovely day ahead of you. x

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