Monday, March 20, 2017

White Day Celebration x DIY Flower In Box

Hey! Back with another post update, you might be wondering what's this white day celebration thingy? This is actually similar to the valentine's day we had on Feb 14th but this is the day when the guy gift the girl a gift in return on March 14th, it's widely celebrated by Korean, Japanese and some Chinese if I am not wrong. So on this special day, we went out to celebrate after our evening class T.T which ended at the weird timing of 6:30pm.

I was pretty much surprised when I receive the bouquet of roses, since I didn't really expect him to do much. He kind of magically give it to my after class ended, I am a huge lover for roses and flowers since it's so beautiful and has so much meaning. We went to Holland Village to have dinner, at first we wanted something western but in the end we ate the Japanese food which is a newly-open restaurant which taste hella good.

After our satisfying dinner, we went over to one of the bars to have a few beers before calling it a day since we had morning class on the next day- it's just a wonderful but short celebration. This post is long over-due but just suddenly though to share and update my blog~

With the roses, I make a "Flower In A Box DIY" video which is currently up on my channel now. (: It's a great way to keep the roses and make it last a little longer.

Thank you for reading (: have a lovely day ahead of you x

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