Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Sample Store x Beauty Keeper

The Sample Store x Beauty Keeper event was a blast, arrived pretty early for the event so it was pretty empty around 11:30am +. So I had quite some time to look around, before people started streaming in and I got to know and made some lovely new blogger friends during the event. The Beauty Keeper was also pretty generous by gifting me a goodie-bag when I arrived, mine consists of the Mollifix Sports Bra, Lamsamyick Beauty Brush, A cute note x a small pouch , Stretch Mark Remover (which I don't need for now) and a Sing China Stamps as well as a soda drink.

Then we had lunch over at Carnivore, which was a pretty much great meal. The service was amazing, I usually go there for dinner and this is my first-time going there for lunch and it was pretty good. After which, some bloggers and I waited for about another hour before the event officially starts so it consists of lots of talking, getting to know each other and passing time.

This was what's in my goodie bag, I love the sports bra- I actually get it washed up and wear it to gym on the following day and it's just super great, it provides the wonderful support and the design x colouring of the sports bra is just super pretty! Other than the sports bra, I also love the cute Paris note book which comes in super handy to write and bring it around.

Facial Mask Beauty Brush

StarSuki Cosmetic Set

All Belle Eyelashes

Userism - D.D Cream (SPF 50)

Mollifix Sports Bra

Taiwanese Aboriginal Facial Series Mask

We also get to look at all the pop-up booth around the area before the event officially commence, there are just so many selection of Beauty Keeper stuff available and I just adore that much effort are put into their packaging and not to mention I love their lip colour as well- super stunning selection of colours. There are some items that had caught my eyes, like the D.D cream which is pretty new and unique in these industry - it's like a more advanced version of the B.B and C.C Cream, as well as the Taiwanese Aboriginal Facial Mask- not only it has a beautiful unique packaging, it's also based on the authentic local culture of the Taiwan People that's based on the natural ingredients for the masks which seems super amazing.

The actual event commence around 1:30pm, the highlight of the event revolve around make-up artist Candy Tiong teaching us how to use the Beauty Keeper skincare range via demonstration of the products on the Sing China Contestant's Face, it was wonderful to get to know which circumstances to go for which products and what's the benefits and correct way to use the products. There are also many giveaway on-going throughout the event, via Q&As.

Overall, it was a fun-filled event which enable me to get to know new people with the same passion and I also get to learn so much more about Beauty Keeper which is a wonderful platform with such a wide range of beauty product. To find out more : and thank you SampleStore for the invitation to attend the event (