Saturday, May 20, 2017

Hair Transformation : Long to Short ?

I have went through so many different types of hair transformation, from the long purple hair- pink hair- green hair?!- short blonde and then now short black hair. I just can't stop trying out new colors, I am not sure about you guys but I always went through this period of time which I get bored of my own hair (literally every 3 months).

I hope I can stick to my short black hair for now, it's a terrifying choice to get my long hair snapped off- I was super worried that I'd look hella weird/ ugly/ whether my face shape suit the hair cut but in the end I just went for it! Life is too short to waste on choosing the same thing everyday, if you are thinking whether to give your hair a huge transformation then you should totally give it a go~!

I am always in a panicking mode especially when I am in a salon before making a huge decision about my hair, I was such a baby during the day I cut my hair short but luckily the hairstylist was super kind and comforting which help me keep my cool! The downside to my current hair color now is that it is turning brown/ blonde after every wash... which is frustrating due to the hair bleach from the previous blonde hair.

So what do you guys think about my hair? Should I continue keeping it short or grow my hair out ? (: For more photos, check out my Instagram- Birdie Liau , do leave your IG name down below so I can follow you and check out your IG as well! x


  1. Love the new look!


  2. I think you're super cute with shorter hair and the color also suits you nicely.