Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Summer Floral Outfits With Zaful

Summer! The perfect season to wear something playful and classy at the same time, for me at the moment I'd always go for floral outfits during summer since it can be colorful and girly at the same time and it can comes in different styles and outfits.

One of the online store with a huge collection of floral outfits will be Zaful, with all the exciting and edgy fashion apparels that's super affordable which comes with great designs. Zaful offer a wide selection choice of clothing, shoes, accessories and Zaful is currently having 3rd year anniversary so many of their items are on discount and have some special promotion so I decided to picked out some of my floral dresses from Zaful, so read on to find out more:


Firstly, it'd be this gorgeous Plunge Cap Sleeve Floral White Dress- I adore the prints on the dress, which make the dress look super lively and perfect for ant occasions. I can vision myself wearing this during a picnic date, I also love the dress V-neck cutting which looks perfect. It's so elegant and definitely going to turning heads for any occasions that you're going to attend.

Dress: Plunge Cap Sleeve Floral Wrap Dress , $19.99.

Next, it'd be this amazing off-shoulder shirred slit floral maxi dress- I am a big fans of floral dress and this is just stunning- the off-shoulder and the maxi dress mix together created a wonderfully beautiful dress that can be wore for evening date or even casual date occasion. I love the pink base colors x white floral prints, it looks so beautiful. This is the perfect piece to be wore during holiday or  a beach date, to snap some nice photos.

Dress: Off Shoulder Shirred Slit Floral Maxi Dress , $24.49

Next, another perfect floral piece that caught my eyes is this perfect off-shoulder floral stripe shirt dress. This kind of top is super trendy, since it's the perfect combination of sexy and classy without going overboard. I personally adore the simple floral prints on the top, which make it look more unique. The stripes also can help you look more lean and adds edginess to the whole outfits. This can be wore in many different occasions- work, schools or even date and it can be pair with either a shorts/ skirts and even jeans.

Top: Off Shoulder Floral Stripe Shirt Dress , $19.49

Lastly, this slip lace embroidered rose applique dress - this look super great since the design is simple yet beautiful. I have seen many well-known fashion bloggers x Instagrammer wearing it on my feeds and this just look timeless and perfect for any occasions- it can be wore by itself or with a simple plain top on the inside.

Dress: Slip Lace Embroidered Rose Applique Dress , $12.99 

So what do you guys think about this amazing floral outfits ideas from Zaful? Which one of them is your favorite piece and why? Check out more from Zaful Floral Dresses

Hope you guys enjoy the post! Thank you for reading (: x !



  1. Love all the florals!


  2. I like the simple black nightie dress.

    Loving the play with textures to keep the monochrome interesting!

    http://petitemaisonoffashion.blogspot.com/ ♥

  3. That off the shoulder dress is gorgeous! I am a bit iffy about Zaful quality as the items I had sent to me were not very good, but I feel as though it can be a hit or miss with the brand!

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days