Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Summer Wishlist: Hawaiian Shirt

I can definitely feel the summer heat over here, so I decided to come up with a Hawaiian Shirt's wishlist that is perfect for the summer and there's even some plus size tankini online available over at dresslily that covers a whole range of outfit that covers people in all size and style. 

The first item on my list is the Short Sleeve Coconut Palm Print Hawaii Shirt , even though it's a guy shirt it's super stylish and I can totally imagine myself wearing it to festival or on the beach with bikini or a simple white tees on the inside. It's only $9.89 which is super affordable for a simple summer Hawaii tees. 

Next, another tees that caught my eyes will be this Short Sleeve 3D Flamingo Floral even though it's under the men's section I find the design super flattering and the flamingo design is super adorable and I can totally wear it like an oversize fashion in the beach or as a casual tees. This tees is only $16.50, definitely the must have for summer collection. 

Lastly, what I love about Dresslily is the fact that they offer plus size clothing as well and I find it wonderful that they embraces body of all sizes and does not limit their clothing line to only a few sizes so it's definitely a great place for fashion lover to shop! 

Find out more at : Dresslily

Thank you for reading! What do you guys think of the Hawaiian shirt wishlist? (: 

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