Saturday, July 22, 2017

Summer Chill Vibe : Zaful Review

Hello! I am so excited to share with some of my new hauls from Zaful but before I begin do check out their summer chiffon long sleeve dress promotion now with tons of amazing dresses that's perfect for the summer. So the first item that I have gotten will be this Wide Strap Bodycon Sweater Dress in grey, if you have read my previous blogpost you'll realize that I have gotten one in black as well since I absolutely love the design and how it fits well with my body shape. 

The second item that I have gotten from Zaful will be this Cami Scalloped Lace Tank Top in light green, the reason why I have gotten this would be that I didn't have any outfit in this color so I wanted to try it out and see how it will look on me and it turns out surprisingly well! I absolutely love the cutting of this tank top and the lacey design is a bonus point. 

So what do you guys think of this two clothing items that I have gotten from Zaful? Do check out their site since It's romper season, you can click for best ideas of floral rompers and get yourself a new romper for this summer from Zaful! Here's a special 10% off code: ZFEN01 for you to purchase your item from Zaful!

Thank you for reading! Have a lovely day ahead of you (: x

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