Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ready for some vampire activities?

ModCloth Vintage Fashion

BB Dakota a line dress
125 SGD - modcloth.com

Dr. Martens dr martens shoes
175 SGD - modcloth.com

Woven backpack
88 SGD - modcloth.com

Retro style jewelry
13 SGD - modcloth.com

Elephant earrings
13 SGD - modcloth.com

Rose necklace
15 SGD - modcloth.com

Bridal flower crown
57 SGD - etsy.com

Thai Style? K-trend? Funky-look? Trendy Pieces? Check it out! What's more exciting than quirky vintage look? Putting together pieces that are really unique are really fun and interesting, all of this elegant pieces are from ModCloth. I chose a base to start off which is the dress, I must say it have interesting name I like the sound of Dakota it reminds me of vampire.

For starter, the yellow dress with floral prints absolutely bring us back to 1950s fashion where everyone did the retro dancing and have funky hair. (Great starter)

Then I decided the headpiece which is the floral headband- super trendy and popular now. Adding a hint of modern day vintage feel to the funky style to make it more elegant, who won't like a floral headband to feel like a princess now and then ?

The Accessories Part I went along with rose theme cause red, rose symbolizes love and gentleness to further enhance the floral feel to the dress like red and yellow warm tone matching it together. The earrings part, I want to try out something that's more Thai Style which is the elephant earrings super adorable and the silver color adding a little bit of boldness to it.

All of a sudden , while pairing everything up I got the feel for Alice in the wonderland and Red Riding Hood and I decided to put together the mushroom backpack and be like why not just give it a try ? It's kind of like the Korean fashion to carry backpack but this backpack absolutely look so cartoon and anime like which is pretty unique.

Lastly, the shoes part. Since there are already lots of colors in this whole piece of outfit, I decided to tone it down a little and go with white with a little tribal prints on it.

In conclusion, it looks really trendy and create this cute girl look and it'll definitely stand out from the crowd. This look is more towards the adventurous side matching all the prints and different design together, I love putting clothes together especially after it's done I felt so accomplish! ModCloth does create a very unique and elegant line of clothing, which I personally enjoys a lot.

What do you think of this look? Yay or Nah?


  1. This look is definitely a yes for me! I love that dress--the silhouette is so classic and the damask print is really interesting.


    Another Beautiful Thing

  2. The mix between the typical, girly dress with the tough combat boots somehow just perfectly works!


  3. Great outfit collages well done I love it.

  4. Where did you find that backpack? It's the cutest!


    Nancy-Mulhouse.blogspot.be -> Hope you will visit one day...

  5. I love that dress Zoe!


  6. That backpack is possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen.