Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day Bunny Love

Top : Bunny 
Skirt : Skater Skirt 
Shoes : Boots 
Bag : Criss-Cross Bohemian Bag 
Water Bottle : Typo 

Happy Belated Valentine's Day guys, how'd it went ? Hopefully it turned out perfect and wonderful for everyone. I did something crazy on feb 14 , stay tuned and continue reading. So I decided to put together this simple outfit for the day, it's supposed to be a lovey dovey day and I just bought the bunny blouse which is too adorable so I decided to try it on. 

Usually it isn't my style to wear something like this cause long sleeve just ain't my taste but well as usual I loved it after I try it on like it's so comfy! My valentine's day was well spent to wake up with lots of sweet wishes like everyone is so nice and sweet I just can't -friends, families and neighbor, the best part was the Mac Donald supper at night with my neighbor like it's just so nice to go out at night to have ice cream - chocolate cause it's valentine day and chit chat! 

Anyway, valentine's day is just like any other day but it's a great day to doll yourself up and give thanks to people you care about. It also give me great inspiration to do different style and try out new clothing that's what I love about fashion there isn't any limit. 

So feb 14th is the day where you expressed your feelings to everyone you treasure and care about so I decided to do something that I never dreamt I'll ever do in like a 100 years but I'm glad I done it anyway it's better to let it out than to keep on guessing. It's better to communicate what you feel rather than keeping it bottle or maybe I'm just a very direct kind of person? 

How'd your day went and did anything interesting happen ? (: 


  1. So cute! I love this skirt. Hope you had a fabulous V-Day!

  2. Lovely outfit like how your pair with booties.

  3. I hope your had a wonderful Valentine's day!


  4. love your shoes dear :D


  5. Cute outfit! I love your shoes! <3

  6. Hi darling, your bunny printed top is the most adorbale thing, love it, you look charming! Have a great and productive week ahead!

  7. Ooh I love the top and your shoes! Just came back to the blogosphere and I hope you'll check out my latest post when you get the chance :)

    Kayla @ Style Vancity

  8. Love your boots they look great with your skirt. Check out fashion blog

  9. I love your top and the rest of the outfit! It is nice to go out at night and have ice-cream or whatever it is. Happy Valentine's even though it's a bit too late…

  10. Ha-ha! We're the same! Since I'm single, I always make time to doll myself during Valentine's Day!

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    With love,

  11. I adore this great look! Skater skirts are so cute! Happy belated Valentine's Day! T.

  12. Hi, great post as always. kisses

  13. I love your shoes! Such a lovely outfit! ;)

    xoxo Pam of Style Escapades