Sunday, June 29, 2014

Collection Cosmetic Primed & Ready Make Up

Hey! So excited to review the "Collection Cosmestics Primed&Ready Make Up" , it's totally essential to prime and get my face ready before applying any sunscreen or BB Cream with SPF. 

It helps to minimize the pores and act as a layer of protection between all the sunscreen and make up products to prevent skin clogging. 

The texture is super smooth and easily glide on, it doesn't have any weird smell. Easy to apply and even when the weather is hot, it doesn't make my face sticky. 

1) Before applying the collection cosmetics prime & ready make up. 

2) The translucent prime and ready make up. Super smooth as such doesn't need to squeeze out a lot of the product. 

3) After applying the product, as you can see, the prime & ready is barely visible- which means it's good and doesn't affect the make up that's being put on afterward. 

After applying the primed and ready make up. It feels super light and will be the best product to get my face ready for the day (: 

Lastly, do LIKE the Collection Cosmestic Facebook Page at for more update. You can also get the item at any Watson Stores, BHG, Newly open BHG Bugis and even at their pop-up store at Cineleisure Level 2. 

So what do you think about the item? (: 

Sponsored: SampleStore , Collection Cosmetic SG. 


  1. Never tried this but based on your review, it sounds like a great product! I like that it doesn't look heavy on the skin at all <3

  2. Not making your face feel sticky is the biggest plus ever in BB Cream department!

    xoxo, ♥

  3. I've never been a fan in collection products. I guess it wouldn't hurt to give this product a try. It's great that it's not sticky. Nothing's worse than a cakey and sticky face on a warm day.
    Molly Louise Blogs

  4. Flawless! Love it!