Thursday, August 7, 2014

Since Summer + Fitness

Top: Forever 21 
Shoes: Sym.Metrix 
Checkered Jacket: Blogshop 
Bag: MCM 

Something simple for the day, being wanting to wear this yellow top for a few days now but didn't find anything to match it with until I decided to pair it up with the checkered jacket! 

Love the shoes from sym.metrix, it's a super chic and sporty shoes. They are so nice and sponsored me such lovely shoes, you can get it now from . 

Let's talk about fitness routine, I'm not some fitness expert but I like finess related stuff and I like to do sports, so I kind of do exercise on a day-to-day basis. 

My fitness routine consist of working out 6 days in a week in the gym unless I'm sick or just feel too drained. 

My gym routine: 
1) Cardio 
2) Weightlifting 

My cardio usually involves running on the treadmill, minimum of 20 minutes and maximum of 60 minutes usually at the speed of 9-11! I'm trying to run speed 12 soon to try out something new. 

Another cardio activity I do will be biking, usually biking I'll do about 30 minutes or more. I'll also mix up swimming and running if I have lots of energy on that day. I'll go for a run then swim. 

Weightlifting will be the arms, legs and squats. I focuses more on squats cause who don't want the fit butt that look good with a bikini now especially now that it's summer! 

Lastly, mat workout! A must for me to do after cardio. I'll do for my abs, stretching etc to end off my workout. 

Will talk about the importance of rest day on my next post. (: 


  1. You look super cute in this outfit-- love the yellow top and how you styled it! Great job with the working out, I too have a similar routine of both cardio and weightlifting! Good luck to the both of us!

    xx Debbie

  2. You look so cute (I miss your old hair colors(s) though haha). I love your shoes!

  3. i love the way you combine these together, they look so cute<3 awesome sneakers btw

  4. Nice outfit. I love your sneakers wedge. :)
    Looking forward to your next post...