Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Curel Sebum Care Package

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Excessive sebum will always be a day to day problem that I face and it's one of the top leading problems of pimples, as it causes flare up within the skins. So choosing the best facial care will be important, Curel sebum skin care package will be solution. 

This Curel package strengthen skin barriers function and have oil & acne control which is the solution to achieving perfect skin. 

This packages comprises of: 
1) Foaming Facial Wash 
2) Moisturizer Gel 
3) a Lotion 

It offers the best package to manage skin sensitivity and sebum care. Curel is the no.1 leading Japanese brand to care for Asian skins. 

Sebum Care Foaming Wash, it consist of fine foam with sebum solvent to thoroughly cleanse dirt and excess sebum to prevent the forming of pimples. 

The texture is very light and easy to use, as it's foam it doesn't irritated skins which is perfect for sensitivity skin. 

Sebum care lotion and moisturizer. 

This two product can be use after cleansing, the lotion is non-sticky and after applying it on for 3seconds it's so light that it doesn't even feel like it's there. 

Afterwards, moisturizer can be apply. The lotion allows better absorption of moisturizer. The texture of the moisturizer feels good, can be found on easily and the application is fairly easy and simple! 

With Curel it definitely helped my skins improved and all the visible spots become less visible and the acne/ pimples are being kept at bay. 

You can get yours now at Watsons/ Guardian from $19.80-$34.80 or find out more http://www.facebook.com/Curel.sg 


  1. Sounds like a great way to get rid of pimples.

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  2. Ooh, I want to try it! I love the Curel lotion, so this I am sure is good as well!

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  3. Nice review. Thanks for sharing this post. I'll check this on the market so I can also try it out. I hope it's also available here. :)

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  4. Sounds like a good product.


  5. Sound like a wonderful product
    Specially for some one with Agnes problem
    Great request darling