Sunday, August 3, 2014

A trip around Batam.

Top: Forever 21 
Dungarees: Carousell 
Bottom: Rubi 
Bag: The Twinees 

Remember that I was talking about, trip planning in my earlier post. I actually planned a trip to Batam and here's the update about it and it might actually help people who wants to go there in the future! 

That's my outfit when I went to Batam yesterday, it's been a long and wonderful day. I started off my journey at 8:40am, woke up at 6am to prepare and had a hearty breakfast at Hans. The boat ride to Batam, took about 45 minutes. I was too busy talking to fall asleep~ 

Once we reached, I went and bought a sims card that allows me to get 3G at around SGD 9 for 2GB. Then we took a cab to waterfront city BUT it was actually closed down and all the sports activities moved to Hollandview City, so it was a wasted trip. The total cab fare for this is around SGD 21.50 (200,000 Rupeeh) . Did I mentioned that the cab fare in Batam is freaking overprice and too expensive ? 

At the Hollandview city we did kayaking! Super fun and quite cheap, it's around SGD 10 for double kayaking for about 30 minutes. It has pretty nice view, serene environment to chit chat and kayak! Just make sure you don't fall into the river cause it might actually stink. 

Walking straight after doing kayaking wasn't the smartest choice, we opt to walk to the nearest restaurent known as "Golden Prawn" since it's the only restaurent there. It's not like we have any choice but we took about 20-30 minutes to walk there but the weather was such a killer. 
Golden Prawn food, the food is yummy and delicious but the Golden Prawn surely doesn't match the prawn it served. The prawn we ordered were like the super tiny size one, totally different from what I expected. But the price was pretty reasonable, everything is around SGD 3-SGD 8. 

Cab Price: From Golden Prawn- Beach- Ngogaya Hill (SGD 27) - cheapest cab we took, it's like a black car type do look out for it if you're going to batam. It'll be the cheapest cab ever. 

Batam Beach, I was the only awkward turtle wearing bikini there. Everyone else was covered up, definitely something new. The view was nice from afar, there's also this nice cafe there selling the best food I had in Batam. 

Featuring: Starwberry Booster, Strawberry Milkshake. 

Price: SGD 2.9 for each, something you can't find in Singapore cafe for such a price. 

We did something really silly and fun there, it's something I'll never ever dare to try again but I had such a good laugh over it. 

Ngogaya Hill Shopping Centre, the stuff there are really cheap but just different from my taste. Bought soft toy there for my brother, they usually sell clothing, perfume, make up etc. 

Balerang Bridge, it's like one of the famous tourist attraction there. It's actually nothing much, just a lot of street food selling corns, cup noodles, bottled water etc. Almost all the stores sell the same thing but too bad I didn't get to try them. 

We had dinner at one of the local restaurent there, the food was really delicious. But we had problem ordering the food due to little bit of communication problem, I think it's a wonderful experience to experience the real life local culture there. 

That sums up the trip to Batam, it's a wonderful and enjoyable time there to relax. It's funny that we spend almost half of our money on cabbing, in total it'll be a nice place to go with your boyfriend/ girlfriend to get to know each other better and bond cause there are actually lots of stuff to talk about during all the long cab rides. 


  1. You look great in the bikini!!! And OMG I want that OGGY stuffed toy!!!!!! <3

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