Sunday, September 21, 2014

Angelic x Halo

I'm going to talk about free but fun date later on in the post for now let's talk about my outfit, do stay tuned. 

Lacey white top with a little see through effect, perfect pieces for the hot and sunny weather. White x White will never get old and it can be interesting to try out differen combination. People might think that white x white will always create the same feel or same design but in actual facts, it's different every time by trying out different top or bottom or even the accessories / shoes. 

My favorite part of this whole outfit will be the white skirt cause it's like skirt with shorts so I can run around freely as if I'm wearing a shorts and still look feminine with the skirt. 

So let's talk about the free and fun date, at first we wanted to go the Science Centre but by the time we finish our meal it's already 5pm and the Science Centre closes at 6pm so we decided to explore around Science Centre. 

Around the science centre, there are lots of free and fun activities to do like the swing, balancing stuff, equations to solve, echoing thing. It's like totally fun to try every single thing there, it's like a scientific playground! 

I think it'll be a fun dating place to go with your boyfriend for a play date! 

I look so tiny inside this photo! 

A cute photo to end off the post, thank you for reading (: 


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  2. you guys look so cute together