Monday, September 22, 2014

Color Pop

Matching the pastel color pants and polka dot crop top for the day for the outdoor cycling day. Decided to go for something casual so that cycling will be easy and not be a hinder. 

Decided to go cycling around East Coast Park on a Monday, I think actually cycling around weekday is perfect cause there are not many people around so it's less noisy and the place is also less crowded with the perfect scenary to enjoy. East Coast Park bike rental also have a 1 hour free 1 hour promotion on a weekday. It's also healthy to workout a little with biking~ 

Other than biking, we also went there to picnic. We cooked the food beforehand and bring it there, what's on the menu: 

#1 : Breakfast Mash consist of: 
- Ham, Eggs, Sausages, Crabmeat 

#2 : Healthy Fruity Boost 
- Strawberry, Apple, Banana 

#3 : Bread Lover 
- Fried Bread with eggs 

We managed to finish 3/4 of it and my favorite dish will be the Healthy Fruity Boost but nevertheless it's super fun to picnic there to enjoy the wind and take in all the nice scenery! Totally the best way to start off my Monday. 

Thank you for reading (: 


  1. love your outfit!

  2. I love that polka dot shirt you are wearing!