Friday, September 12, 2014

Caught In Action + BlogSkin

Top: BraceletCandy 
Skirt: Berksha 
Shoes: Blogshop 
Bag: Prada 

Trying for a more conservative style which is really different from my usual dressing style. I think it's really something nice for a change, the top is from or you can get it at carousell - @braceletcandy . 

For me I think this Fall season needs more colors to brighten up everything that's the reason I chose the floral skirt with multiple colors. The bandage skirt is like the best to go out with, won't hitch up and won't fly like crazy when there are big wind. 

I have this BlogSkin for awhile now, I'm thinking of changing the BlogSkin and probably change it to .com instead of . But I have no idea where to get good BlogSkin or find a good BlogSkin designer. If you guys know anywhere to get good BlogSkin do let me know (: 

Decided to make a big makeover for my blog. Do stay tuned~ 

Thank you for reading my blog (: 


  1. great outfit, sadly I don't know anything about blogskin....sorry

  2. thank you for your comment! Wow, great skirt, you look lovely! kisses! check out new post on my blog :)

  3. Love this gorgeous skirt. You look stunning!

  4. I love your top, so cute as always Birdie!


  5. I love your whole outfit!


  6. Such a cute outfit! :)

    Layla xx

  7. gorgeous! you look amazing... and the floral skirt is really gorgeous.

    xx Janelle
    Styles & Prints