Monday, September 15, 2014


It has been ages since I last wore the starry outerwear, miss it so much! It's so adorable and never once I regretted getting it. Have been wearing the beach sandals recently cause I gotten blister from wearing heels but it's still as comfortable! Giving my feet a break from all the heels and platform. 

Anyway I went to try the Cold Noodle 냉면 today at Manbok cause I have got sudden cravings for cold food! It was super delicious even though I was skeptical about it at first cause there's vinegar and some mustard sauce inside the cold noodle then I'm not really a big fans of any sauces. 

It turned out to be good like it's an upgrade of Japanese Soba, much colder and taste nicer! Also the Cold Noodle price at Manbok is totally affordable, SGD 10 for a bowl during lunch time! Will definitely go there often since it's near my house.


  1. Lovely outfit!


  2. Ahh I love cold noodles, and hot noodles too :)

    xoxo, ♥

  3. The food looks so good

  4. Vinegar and mustard sounds like a crazy combo, but i wouldnt mind trying it.. love the outfit. :)

  5. Nice outfit, sometimes I take abreak with my heels and wear sandals and flats too.