Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sponsored: Biore Micellar Cleansing Water

Sponsored: SampleStore & Biore 

SGD: $18.90 

This is such a life saver for me! I was just about to run out of make up remover and taadaaa Biore to the rescue, thank you SampleStore for sponsoring me this product! 

Firstly, I always like Biore design. It's in this shade of pink that just look so appealing. Secondly, it's quite a big bottle of it so it can probably last around 1-2 months! 

This Biore Cleansing Water have great features that must not be overlook, it's super refreshing and light weighted that actually removes make up in one wipe! For me, I think it's super important cause after a long day I'm super lazy to remove make up and by being able to remove make up in one wipe it save me time and give me more time to rest! 

After I used the make up remover, it doesn't feel sticky and I can feel that my skin is thoroughly clean. 

Just thought to share some important point about this cleansing water which contains: 

1) Watery Micellar Technology, which is the ability to dissolve and lifts make up including mascara and eyeliner. 

2) Natural Mineral Water from Northern Japanese Alps, to create this gentle and smoothe cleansing water to make sure it doesn't do harm to the skin. 

3) Enriched Collagen & White Tea Extract, to allow user to have brighter and softer skin! 

4) Anti- Bacterial Formulas, to prevent breakouts and acne! Super important point to note (: 

How did I use the cleansing water? 

I just basically pump the cleansing water onto cotton pad, with soaked cotton pad I wipe it across the make up and the best part is no rinsing is required! 

As for my eye makeup, I just hold the soak cotton pad onto my eyes for 5 second before gently wiping it off. Super easy and fuss free make up remover process (: 

If you're interested in getting this amazing Biore Micellar Cleansing Water, do head over to any pharmacies, supermarket, hypermarket or any major departmental store for one now! 

Thank you for reading the post (: 

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