Monday, October 5, 2015

Around Singapore: Part 1

It's the start of my one week school break ❤️ finally some off-days from school but there are still assignment to be done so we tried our best to finish everything on the first day so we don't have to get stress about it over the whole week. I went around Singapore to shop, eat and take photos for advetorials during this week. 

Then I am heading over to Resort World Sentosa Hotel to stay during the weekend! Something to look forward to ❤️ Off-days with no school make my gym rountine a little bit easier than usual and I don't feel as tired anymore. 

I used to be a gym maniac and gym every single day but I decided to relax a little and gym every other days instead so that I can rest and build my muscle which I neglected for the past few months. 

Not to forget, delicious food! Best time to feast and enjoy food ❤️ looking around for cute café to enjoy the high tea set and hoping to go to one during this week. 

A little sight-seeing around in Singapore, the view of the Merlion at night. It's so different from when I see the Merlion during the morning but it's still very pretty ~ 

Hehehe the best thing that happened to me this week : getting a bouquet of sunflower from my boyfriend, he was so adorable when he came over to give me the flower on my doorstep. I was so surprised and can't stop smiling, small little action does make a big changes. 

I hope you guys receive your own flowers or something amazing this week too ❤️ 

Thank you for reading ❤️ 


  1. This looks like a wonderful trip

    xoxo, ♥