Friday, January 20, 2017

Fashion : Styling w Black V-Neck Top

"l'esprit de l'escalier " - the feeling when you get when you leave a conversation and think of all the thing you should have said.

Dolling up in my V-Neck Black Top from PrettyWildRebel, have been absolutely loving this top. I didn't think that it'd be so comfy until I wore it and it is those type of top that make me look super slender and slim since it's in black colour and the design itself also played a big part in it. I paired it with a simple denim blue shorts since nothing can ever goes wrong with denim, that's one of my favourite shorts!

This outfit is definitely my on-the go outfit which is super simple yet chic, the V-Neck choker top has been popular since 2016 and the trend is not yet dying- I recently fell in love with all the different choker pieces so this top matches what I want and it just seems more stylish than a normal V-Neck top.

So what do you think about this outfit ? (: It has been awhile since I properly wrote a fashion outfit post which is the reason why I started my blog in the first place and now I am getting back to it. So do look out for more ~ Have a lovely day x


  1. I love the choker you chose for this outfit. It compliments the black top really well! :D Looking great Birdie!


  2. That v-neck top is really hot these days and i'm considering to buy it <3

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  3. I love V neck tops.. You are looks so cute in that outfit.

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