Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Penang Day 3 x 4 - Penang Hill - Strait Quay - Sekeping Cafe

" And then I realized , adventures are the best way to learn"

Woke up to the ringing alarm at 9am and I have never felt so tired and excited at the same time, trying to get ready for breakkie and a day full of adventure. For day 3 we went to the Penang Hill since it's a pretty famous tourist area, it costs about RM 25 to get there since it's a bit further from all the areas. At the area, you have to purchase a ride ticket up the hill for about RM 15 (if you show them your student pass).

The view up there is super stunning, it overlooks the whole penang and it's more than just a hill. There are a lot of fun-filled activites up there with a little extra fees, we paid RM 10 to get our photos taken and printed with the machine w their decorations and another RM5 to enter into this cute zone with lots of adorable deoration like the dwarf village, bee farm, bunny area and lavender field. Everything is just super cozy.

We got con:

After exploring around the area for a bit, we stumble upon the food outlet to try their asam laksa which taste exotic. At the food outlet, there's this service which allow us to design our hand with wax to keep as a gift, we kind of got con there- so we went there to take a look , then there's this uncle that told us it's only RM 10 so we were like " why not, it's super cheap" then we kind of went with the process of making the wax hand (dipping in cold water and then hot wax which can hurt like hell if you're not prepared like me and then repeat for about 3 times) then after we were done with that- the uncle told us there's extra hidden costs to finish the wax hand which adds up to about RM 70 ++ , in the end we decided to still pay for it! So a note of caution to those that are going there to do the wax hnd, beware of the hidden costs.

So that's the wax hand that we did together, which is quite pretty to keep around as decoration despite the hidden costs. So we played around the Penang Hill for about an hour + - before heading off to sekeping cafe in georgetown for some refreshing tea, we had such a hard time finding it despite the GrabCar driver dropping us at the exact location. We walked a whole round around the area and realized that it's right infront of us all along, it's pretty hidden but the cafe is super unique with the ruined feelings of leftbehind, the owner design the cafe perfectly.

"Getting them soya"

"Where's mine?"


So we went to explore around the area for some street-art and we stumbled upon a few which is super adorable, I am just super amazed by the amount of street-art in Georgetown. This is by far one of my favorite, since it's super funny and cute.

Our dinner at Day 3: Weld Quay Seafood restaurant, which is right opposite the sekeping cafe. We were super confused by the ordering system since it doesn't come with a menu, so we had to go over to the front to view the fresh seafood and places order there. But the seafood is really delicious x fresh, I love it so much and the price is super resonable. If you want to eat there , you should probably go early to avoid the crowd and get better order.

We ended off our day at Strait Quay, which is a shopping center just right beside the sea with Yacht and pretty views. We went to one of the bar to have two pint of beer, it's super stunning at night (perfect location to chit-chat) then before heading back to the hotel, we went to a sushi restaurant to pack 10 pieces of sashimi for RM 50 as our supper x strawberry at a supermarket along with a few beers to chill in our hotel.

Day 4

 We started the day off with coconut ice-cream at Bodhi cafe, it's supposedly a famous cafe with the signature umbrella design. It's a little run-down but it's still quite artistic, it has a few street-art around the cafe as well. Sadly, the ice-cream doesn' come with the coconut shell so it looks just like any ordinary ice-cream.

 This is the few street-art and it's quite cute, it can get a little too crowded at some time so we just wait arond the cafe until the crowd clears before we head off to snap some photos. Next, we head off to the macelister area to the mansion and get some souvenirs for my parent (which is the traditional pastries) .

 Everything there is just super classic, super worth the visit! After which, we head off to a korean restaurant to have dinner because we were cravings for some BBQ meat, it's the "Daorae restaurant" we receive so much free food and services there, we ordered the RM 95 set and a bottle of soju and we got the egg-soup and pancake for free. The cashier even offer me a little candy right before I leave! x

At night, we headed off to Strait Quay for some starbucks drinks to chill down and head back to the hotel. At around 9-10pm, we make a sudden impulse decision to visit the nightmarket for some BBQ prawns x stingray to pack it back as supper, it was the best best decision ever because the food is super tasty. The nightmarket looks pretty modern and didn't look what I expected it to look like.

That's all for our day 3 x 4, day 5 will be up in a bit! I will be talking about how we switch to a new hotel for a-day stay and how the experience is like, there's even real-life close experience of nearly being robbed. So stay tuned ~


  1. Looks like days 3 and 4 were sweet!

    Emma ♥

  2. I have to visit this place!! You pictures are so cool.

    X Merel