Thursday, July 31, 2014

Floral x Floral : How to plan for a trip

I love floral crown, it's just so beautiful! I gotten my one and only floral crown from cotton on for $9 only. Super cheap and nice, the high waisted shorts I wore actually have daisy floral prints so I decided to pair it up to create this Floral x Floral looks! 

Have you guys tried to mix floral with floral ? How did it go? (: 

-Planning for a trip- 

Let's talk about planning for a trip! The only big thing I have plan by myself will be planning an outings with friends and I am not really good in planning stuff but during the weekend I'm going overseas with my cutie pie and over the past few weeks we have been planning about it, so I have learn a thing or two so I'd like to share! 

1) Research + More Research 

Before choosing the country you want to go, it'll be nice to do some research about the place to see if there are any interesting thing you wanna do and make sure it's the country you actually wants to go and within the budget. 

2) Booking Tickets 

Using google or any search engine, there will be lots of booking website to chose from which meant there will also be lots of good deals to hunt for. 

To save money on tickets, it'll be nice to get those discounted ones or get tickets at a lower prices. It's okay to spend long hours at it cause saving money on tickets actually means more money to spend on the trips itself.

3) Location , Location. 

So now you have the tickets, it's not yet done! Time to pick the prime location to go, you can find this kind of things easily on the internet but it'll be better to read reviews on blogs and judge for yourself which location will be worth going. 

Usually, I'll read more than a few blogs before making a list of where to go and I'll also check the prices to make sure it's affordable. 

4) Scheduling 

With the whole list of location in mind, there will always be situation in which there are not enough time for everything. In order to avoids the dissappointment during the trip, it'll be good to do scheduling by listing the most important activities to do to the list and make a schedule or timeline. 

And in cases where you realized there isn't enough time for it, eliminate those unwanted activities. 

5) Outfit : Looking Fabulous 

For Outfit freak like me, I'll always plan my outfit ahead if not I'll panic like crazy or I'll be stuck in the toilet for an hour or more and that won't be nice for the trip! 

So I'll pack a few outfits depending on how many days I'm going to make sure I can get nice outfit shots and look great in photos when I'm overseas! 

6) Exchanging Money: Budgeting 

This is the most important step, to create the right budget and amount of money to exchange. For people that doesn't like to carry much cash around, it'll just be a balance of cash vs Visa cards. 

7) Ready to gooooo, just remember to wake up for the flight and have lots of fun! 


  1. That's a nice cheap flower crown, looking good

    xoxo, ♥

  2. Great tips! They're very helpful :) You look great in this outfit as well! <3

  3. Great tips, I'll be keeping all of them in mind as I plan a spontaneous trip from Singapore to Hong Kong this week. My bf just came over from HK to SG and now he has convinced me to visit him in Hong Kong! So right now we're booking flights and a hotel and I'm starting to pack!

    Love your outfit, floral crowns are so perfect for the summertime-- I bought my first at a boutique for the high price of $20, then I found two really cute ones for only $1 each! Funny how things work out...

    xx Debbie

    1. Have fun in Hong Kong with your boyfriend (: hope your trips turn out to be an amazing one.

      Oh my, $20 is sure lots of money spend on floral crowns! But I'm sure it's nice so it's worth the cost (: x

  4. Great tips! Haha the last tip is especially important for me, as I have slept in and missed my flight before, which was troublesome!
    Also I think scheduling is important--especially to schedule in time just to relax and walk around the city at leisure--it's one of my favorite things to do when traveling! xx

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

    1. Oh my, I totally cannot imagine what missing a flight would be like!

      Aww thanks (: x